Life and Freedom

Do you find yourself just getting by? Or perhaps you feel like you are just existing. The promise for life spoken of in John 10 seems so far away. Maybe you can’t imagine what a full life would feel or look like. We are a long way from Eden, and much has been lost along the way. There is a way to get it all back, although I will warn you now, it won’t be easy. “We have an enemy,” says Peter in I Peter 5, and Jesus said there is a thief who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. No one who lives on this planet is immune to that. We have all taken more than one hit. In fact, we have taken a lot of hits. Our mission is to guide all who want on a journey to recover what was lost, or more truthfully, stolen from us. It is an epic journey into the life and freedom promised to us.

Our team of Doug, Steve, and the “Doc” have spent the past 20 years on a trek towards life. Come join us on this odyssey and we will show you what we have learned. Along the way you might find the life you’ve always wanted.

The Event:  The Four Streams.
Cost: $125
Location: Camp Utmost
12901 Utmost Way, Greenough, MT 59823

Gun Range available.
Fishing close by.

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