Monthly meeting:
Butte, Montana for a round table discussion at:
Perkins Restaurant
2900 Harrison Ave, Butte, MT 59701
3rd Saturday of each month 0700.

Men’s event:
We live caught in a battle between two great and powerful kingdoms. One good and one evil. We too get caught up in this war and we must fight to revive our own hearts. All that you desire flows from there. This weekend is a spiritual journey towards life. It is an intense time of study, prayer, and reflection as a means of reaching that goal. Our team will act as guides to share what we have learned so you to can find the life we have been promised. John 10:10.

A Battle to Fight

Dates: Sept. 29th- Oct. 1
Start: 7:00PM Fri. evening
Finish: 1:00PM Sun.
Location: Camp Utmost
Address: 12901 Utmost Way, Greenough, MT 59823
Phone: (406) 244-0049